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Your mom. Always there when you need her and always there when you don’t need her. We manage all your house bills on your behalf. We are a new company that decided that it was about time to change the way we managed our bills in our own homes. Dealing with all the bills was and is painful, was and is unfair and was and is frustrating. Help us change the way you deal with your home bills.

Create an account. Take pictures or upload the bills you have from each of the services, front and back. We then analyse your consumption for each of the services and calculate a monthly flat rate that will cover all your expenses for all your services. You will be given better deals with better companies that have been vetted by us and have a solid reputation. We manage all the changes while you sit back a relax. Once it has been completed you will be able to see all your information in the platform and never have to manage your contracts again.

No, and you will never receive any more paper bills on your mail. If you do, burn them! But if your desire is to have paper bills, don’t worry, in the platform you will have access to all your bills digitally and you will have the option to download them and print them.

Send us an email via the form below and we will gladly do our best to help you in any way possible.

We are currently in Spain. But we are working our way through analysing other countries in the EU, so stay tooned!

Nothing and everything. We manage all the changes. We will close your current providers in your current home, and open your new providers on your new home. You don’t have to do anything, besides telling us you are moving and where you are moving to.

We currently offer the service both to people or consumers and companies, the more we test, the better. The more we get to know the industry and the possibilities within, the better. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The same information you would need in order to manage your own services. We need your last bill for each of the services in order to manage the change. This is so because in your bills we can find your CUPS CODE (see specific question), similar to your ID but for your service in particular; we can find your contracted power, your consumption in terms of KWh, your ID, your email and your IBAN bank account number that is associated with the service in question. If you don’t have previous bills, you have to ask your real estate agency for the information.

In order to manage your services, we need to act on your behalf, without your IBAN number we cannot manage the cancelation of the service or changing provider. We cannot access your bank account, we will never ask for your banking passwords.

So that we can manage your providers and set your new contracts on your name. The contracts are managed on your behalf, therefor your ID is mandatory. This is so because you are the contract holder.


Your flat monthly rate is not a payment for Polaroo, it’s the amount of money we need in order to cover and pay for your utility bills throughout the year. Only a symbolic 1,99€ of that flat rate will go into covering the cost of all the transaction fees, actively managing the services and the contracts with the providers and updating the platform to keep providing you with the best service possible. In the event of specific services given to the client, an additional fee may apply, but always with the prior consent and knowledge of the client. There are no hidden costs or surprise bills.

Yes. We manage the payment of your bills with the money we collect from your flat monthly rate. In essence, we pay with your money because we are managing your payments for you.

There are two ways we are making money. The 1,99€ helps us deal with all transaction fees as mentioned above, but it’s symbolic. This said, the fintech industry has a common trait when it comes to making money. We are certain that transparency is essential for consumers today and for this reason we have no reasons to hide that our providers pay us a fee for providing you with the service. Nevertheless, we will not offer you the provider that gives us the best fee. We don’t partner with all providers or the biggest or the ones who pay the most. We partner with the best providers for the consumers. You will choose which deal you take, out of the providers we have vetted and analysed and partnered with. If you have doubts and questions contact us, we will gladly give you more information on the matter.

Nothing. Your balance is yours only. We cannot and will not use your balance for nothing other than paying provider bills.

Our software looks into your consumption and together with similar profiles as yourself and your history, it determines the amount you will pay for the whole year for each of the services. With that amount the software then splits it into a monthly flat rate, tailored to your consumption and your needs.

It could happen than you have spikes of consumption or that your consumption decreases significantly. In the event that your consumption changes significantly as a constant, we will adapt the rate but always prior to speaking to you. We are always looking into the rates and are aware that some months you will be on a positive balance and other months on a negative. In any case, we will always be in contact and we’ll do our best to provide the best service and the least hassle.

No, it could work against you to choose your rate. The rate that we offer you covers all your yearly expenses based on your consumption. After 12 months if your balance is positive we will ask you if you want the money back or keep it for the upcoming year. If the balance is negative we will ask you to bring your balance to 0.

No. We offer a monthly rate basis because it gives the best guarantees of payment to providers, and security in the payments as well.


The best providers are not the necessarily the cheapest. We haven’t partnered with the cheapest providers, we have partnered with providers that offer not only the best deals in terms of money but also offer security, integrity, transparency, great costumer care, renewable energy, no surprise bills, no hidden costs, no unwanted additional fees, no changes on pricing, technologically capable, and so on. You may find deals that you could pay a bit less, but wouldn’t compare to the offer our providers can give when considering the whole package. We have analysed the market in Spain and decided that in our own homes and our family’s homes we would use and are using the providers that we partnered with. This is so because they comply with the criteria mentioned above. With this in mind, we have partnered with: Electricity and Gas: Holaluz – the only European provider that has been granted the B Corp Certificate, only given to the best, most secure, transparent, clean energy providers. Viesgo – 85% of the time Viesgo offers their clients better deals regardless of the provider they come from. Also, they provide with additional added value that few companies can compete with. Iberdesa – the best provider for companies such as restaurants, small offices, and such. They give us wings when it comes to specific needs of certain clients. Water: legally we cannot change your water provider. Water is brought to you by the same company depending on your area. We cannot make any profit or get paid by these companies, but we decided to include the service because we unify your house bills and the water bill is one of these essential bills. Internet: We are working hard to close key partnerships to provide and manage your internet bill as well. It's a work in progress, so stay tooned.

We compare the amount of savings we can provide depending on the providers we have. You will be able to choose, but essentially, we will offer you the one with the best deal. Any of our providers is the best deal, in terms of all that is included. But deadening on your specific bill one can be better than the other.

Yes. We want you to have the liberty to do so. Nevertheless, because we act on your behalf, any change would have to be previously communicated to us. Doing the change would mean that you would stop unifying your bills with us and you would have to balance your account with us. In any case, we are always open to doubts and questions. If you hesitate, just contact us and we will gladly find a solution.

Yes and no, that provider would not be managed by us. We wouldn’t be able to make that provider be part of the fat monthly rate. But you are free to stay with your current provider and change the other services. Once you feel comfortable or want to unify the services you would have to choose one of our offers with our providers.

As of today, we cannot fix your water leakage. This said, we have direct contact to our providers and have all the specific numbers to call in case of an emergency or problem with regards to water supply companies, and electric and gas companies.

Yes. You can choose to unify only electricity and gas at the beginning and later on add other services if you wished.

No. Nevertheless, we could recommend a professional of our trust in order to check your installations or fix it if necessary.

In any case, you would have to ask the owner/seller of the house or the real estate agency that manages the deal to give you previous bill from the house in question, if there is any. If the house is totally new and the services haven’t been contracted with any company, let us know, give us your address and we will manage setting your providers for you. If some other information where to be necessary we would notify you in order to comply with all the requirements necessary.


The data you provide us is essential to manage your contracts and services. We use the data to close your previous providers and manage your new ones.

Yes. Security is our priority and for this reason we are constantly working to ensure that your data is protected. In this sense all EU companies have applied the GDPR to ensure that consumers can access their information more easily and have control over it. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is the strictest privacy law regulation ever. The GDPR aims to give control to citizens and residents over their personal data within the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Yes, we use Amazon Web Services Cloud Security, one of the best in the world. The data center and network architecture are built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

Yes. The information only tells us how much power you have contracted, which bank account is receiving the bills and who is the owner of the service. Information that is in no case sensitive, no passwords or access to your bank account. But we do need your IBAN number to manage the service, your email and your ID.

Yes, but you will have to contact us so that we can have an easy transition and deal with the automated processes. Remember that leaving implies that we will stop managing your contracts and unifying your bills. That means that we will have to bring your balance to 0, that your positive balance or negative balance is compensated, either by you or by us depending on the scenario.

Yes. You can email us at support@polaroo.com with the name and email address you used to create your account. Once we receive the request we will start the process of deleting your account from our data base and our system. You will receive a confirmation email one it has been completed.


Before 1997 the industry was regulated and all the prices were set by the government. With the EU, since 1997, a long and hard process began in order to liberalize the market. In EU directives from 2002 and 2009. Since then, consumers are free to choose who they will pay their bill too. That’s the free market. Traditionally there were big 5 companies that produced the energy, they distributed the energy to your home and also charged you for it. Now, there are more than 400 companies that offer a wide range of value propositions to its clients. The energy is the same, brought by distributors, but you don’t pay them or the producers of such energy, you pay the marketer or “comercializadora” you choose. Still today, you can choose between the regulated market or the free market. In the regulated market you don’t know the prize or how much the KWh will cost you. In the free market you know exactly how much you will be charged per KWh.

The Universal Supply Point Code (CUPS) is a unique code which identifies an energy supply point (whether electricity or piped gas) in Spain. To explain a bit more, it's like the Tax ID Code for your installation and begins with the sequence ES, plus another 20 characters (which can be numbers of letters). We need it to identify a supply point, your supply point, for distributors, suppliers and public administrations.

On every bill there are two sets of prices, the first is the contracted power you have for your house. Depending on the size of your house and number of electronic devices, AC, fridge, etc you will have a larger contracted power and therefor the prize will increase. But then you have another set of energy which is how much you have actually consumed, and that has its own pricing.

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