1. About Polaroo

2. Cost and Flat Rate

3. My Balance

4. Offers

5. My Suppliers

6. Privacy and Security

7. The Industry

1. About Polaroo

I’m Polaroo, your bill guru, the guru of your finances. I’m an expert at managing, optimising, and consolidating all your regular utility bills.

I manage, optimise and consolidate all your household bills for you: electricity, water and gas, maintenance charges, and minor and major repair bills, and I’ll be adding more services all the time.

I do all this through a platform (with an internet version, and iOS and Android apps) that will let you focus on what really matters to you: your free time, friends, family, hobbies, travelling and exploring the world.

You won’t have to spend a minute of your precious time talking to energy companies like Endesa, Naturgy and Iberdrola... I’ll do it for you. I will read all the small print, close your accounts and set up new ones, change all your utilities and contracts over for you when you move house, and much, much more.

It’s easy!

1. Download the free app and set up your account, or register online.

2. Add the utilities you want to optimise and consolidate.

3. I will look at your profile and consumption, then make you a personalised offer. I am not a generic comparison site; the offer is just for you.

a) If a service can be optimised, I’ll optimise it.

b) I will switch you to better suppliers that offer better values and terms.

c) I will set up a consolidated monthly payment for you that provides control and stability, with predictable payments and costs.

No, and you’ll never get another bill in paper format. If you do get a paper bill, burn it. However, if you do want a bill for your records, they will all be available digitally on the platform and can be downloaded and printed. That includes bills from your suppliers and our bills.

Ask me anything you like in the ‘Contact’ section. It would be great to talk and help out with any queries.

Email me at info@polaroo.com

or call/WhatsApp +34 691 637 666.

At the moment, my services are available in every city, village, island and corner of Spain, but I’m also working on agreements that will free me up to work in other European Union countries and the USA. In the future, you will be able to find me everywhere.

Let me know; handling the change over by yourself... horrible.

I will start the Live Protocol for you, and organise switching all your suppliers and contracts, close accounts and set up new ones... leaving you free to get on with whatever you like doing best. Live more; worry less!

At the moment, we offer our services to small businesses, as well as individuals: from a technical perspective, the process is exactly the same. Send me your bills, and I’ll help.

I need the same information that you would use to manage your utilities yourself; all information that can be found on your bills. I need you to send me your bills and provide the information that we are legally obliged to ask for.

Once I have the bills for each of your utilities, or the login details for your accounts with your various suppliers, I can analyse your consumption. I’ll also have your CUPS (Código Universal del Punto de Suministro; Universal Supply Point Code), which is a kind of ID for each individual utility in every home. Without this code we can’t make any changes, so it’s a must for the suppliers. We will also need your email address, the IBAN linked to payment of the bill and confirmation that payment can be made by SEPA, the account holder’s details and the level of power supplied. Remember, all this information is shown on the bill. However, we want to be sure that everything is correct, for security reasons, so we will ask you to confirm.

If you don’t have access to the bills for your new home, you will need to ask the estate agent or owner of the house for them so the changes can be made.

SEPA is the Single Euro Payments Area, where citizens, companies and other financial bodies can make and receive payments in Euros in Europe, either within or between countries, with the same conditions, rights and obligations, regardless of where they are located.

SEPA direct debits are based on a direct debit mandate, where the account holder authorises the beneficiary to take payments from their account.

I will be managing your utilities in your name, so I need to be able to provide the entire IBAN linked to the utility bill to be able to make changes to the supply. I will also be consolidating payments using the IBAN that you provide.

We need your ID for the same reason; not only for legal purposes, but to confirm that you are, or will be, the service holder.

Yes, without any obstacles or penalties. When you’re with Polaroo, any changes will have to go through me to guarantee the security and integrity of the service; yours, mine and my suppliers’.


To close your account, I will have to resolve your situation with each supplier that is part of your consolidated service. I will have to cancel your monthly payment and update your balance with Polaroo. Remember that I will be paying your bills for you, and you might have an amount outstanding, or I might have to return an amount to you. The process of closing your account is not 100 % automatic, but I will do all I can so that you don’t have to do anything and you can carry on with your current suppliers.

Once your account is closed and everything is in order, please remember that

I won’t be handling any of your services, and you won’t know your balance or consumption, and you won’t be able to see any account information at all. Without Polaroo’s services, you risk returning to uncertainty in your bank balance, and possible unexpected payments throughout the year. I would prefer that this didn’t happen, but I can’t organise everything if you don’t have your utilities consolidated with me. You can only ask for the outline of all your information when you have your utilities consolidated with me.

If you have any questions, before going any further, do contact me and I will look for the best solution for you.

2. Cost and Flat Rate

Your monthly payment isn’t to pay for Polaroo’s services: I don’t sell energy, but I do ensure that you get the best deal and I consolidate the payments to your various utility companies, to simplify life for you.

The consolidated monthly payment includes a symbolic €2 for subscription to Polaroo’s services. If you have a lot of utilities, or they are very complicated, the subscription will be higher, but always with your prior consent. One-off charges will be made for one-off operations, like moving house, and these will depend on the complexity of the transactions. You will never be charged for something you haven't agreed to.

Yes: as I am managing your utilities, I pay your bills as and when they come in, using the money from your monthly payment. It’s your money. I provide the platform and virtual account that makes payments for you in a stable and controlled manner. I pay with the money that you put in your account, so the balance in your personal bank account is the same every month: healthy and stable, with no nasty surprises.

Nothing. The balance in your account is yours. I can’t generate interest and, if I did, it would be yours. I manage bill payments, that’s all.

The monthly payment is an estimate, based on the bills that you have provided and a reference profile of annual consumption.

My software and algorithms analyse your bills, history and consumption, and compare them to other profiles that are similar to yours. These data are used to determine the monthly amount that you should pay to cover your annual costs, spread out over the months. Some months I will pay more, and some less, but you will always be able to see the amount before the start of the month. I will deal with all the bills and payment peaks as they come in.

Various factors affect the calculation of monthly payments: it partly depends on the time of year, as bills vary from summer to winter. The more information you can give me on your appliances, the size of your house, etc., the more accurate I can be.

It might be that the bills you have given me were a bit higher than usual, for whatever reason, or the consumption profile doesn’t match your circumstances terribly well.

Whatever the reason, if your monthly fee doesn't suit you, we will adjust it to fit your situation better.

If my offer is more than your actual consumption, you will have a positive balance and you can reclaim the difference whenever you like. On the other hand, if you have a negative balance at the end of the year, you can make it up. Whatever the circumstances, you will always be able to see an overview of your balance.

No, it wouldn’t be the best to cover your needs, nor your actual consumption. It would cause more problems than solutions. The amount has to cover the annual cost of your utilities.

No. We offer a monthly flat rate because it gives suppliers better payment guarantees and provides better security for the consumer.

Yes, many clients have asked me this, so I am setting this option up. Increasing the monthly payment to save a little each month and accumulate an additional positive balance means that you will have built up some ‘unexpected’ savings after 6 or 12 months, without even noticing. So I am looking at adding an additional percentage that you can choose when we let you know your monthly payment. Remember: the money is still yours.

3. My Balance

This is the difference between the bills that I pay for you and the amount I receive from you (your monthly payment) to cover those bills. This translates as having a positive or negative balance with me.

Each month, you pay your monthly payment to Polaroo to cover your consolidated bills. Polaroo pays these bills with the money you give them, but some months, Polaroo will pay out less than your monthly payment, and some months, it will pay more. 

Yes. Imagine that your monthly fee is €112.58: 

a) If three bills in your name arrive at the end of August, with a total value of €100, and you have paid me your €112.58 monthly payment at the start of August, there would be a positive balance of €12.58 left. I will have paid out less than you have paid me.

b) Conversely, if three bills in your name arrive with a total value of €150, and you have paid me your €112.58 at the start of the month, I will pay the remaining €37.42 for you, which creates a negative balance. I will have paid out more than I have received to pay those bills.

As a general rule, the balance tends to be negative in the winter months, as gas and electricity use is higher, then it tends to rise in summer and balance itself out. So don’t worry, my algorithms take many factors into account, so I can always pay for you without any problems.

One of the benefits of my services is that I provide equilibrium and stability in your bank account. The most important thing is that you understand what is going on and you can pay the same amount every month without any nasty surprises. It also means that payments and large bills that upset your budget aren’t randomly going out of your bank account. How many times has that happened to you as a consumer? It has happened to me lots of times.

To start with, I am obliged to review the state of your monthly payment every six months, to adjust the fee to your consumption. It sometimes changes according to your profile, and to compensate for any potential mismatch.

a) If your balance is positive: it is important to remember that the money is yours alone, and there are various options open to you: 

1. You can tell us to use the positive balance to reduce the monthly payment for the next few months. ACTIVE

2. You can ask me to transfer that amount back to your personal account or use it towards the next monthly payment, depending on the circumstances. ACTIVE

b) If your balance is negative: don’t worry.

My aim is to cause as little stress as possible. As a general rule, the difference doesn’t tend to be very significant, and regular use brings it back into balance over the following months. I pay more some months than others, but the positive and negative balance out. However:

1. I will update your circumstances, and identify the bills that I am paying and compare them to your payments. 

2. I will discuss things with you and offer you the best possible solution: gradually increasing the monthly payment over the following months so that you don’t have to make a direct payment, for example. 

3. I will make arrangements with you for you to make up the difference with a direct payment.

Yes, I will continually review the situation of all my clients, checking monthly payments, suppliers, prices and values. Every six months, I will also produce a mandatory internal report to analyse each client’s balance to prevent potential mismatches. 

You will always be able to see this balance on the platform. 

4. Offers

Yes, I am continually analysing and studying the new offers appearing on the market.

I try to sign up high quality suppliers, with the best values in the market, best prices and conditions, and with no adverse small print. I choose companies that put the consumer at the heart of the equation.

My suppliers always keep me informed of new tariffs and special discounts for their clients. In any case, as my client, you will always have the final say. 

5. My Suppliers

The best suppliers are not necessarily the cheapest. I work with companies that are not only economical for your level of consumption, and therefore better for your pocket, but also offer excellent customer service: renewable energy, no unexpected bills, no extra costs, that are technically advanced, don’t mislead you, are safe, work with integrity and transparency, etc. All values that we share.

I have analysed the Spanish market and decided that in my houses, and with my family and friends, I will only deal with some specific suppliers. There could be more.

My suppliers are the best in the market, with outstanding values. Like me, they believe putting the consumer at the heart of the equation is fundamental. They include Holaluz, Gana Energía, HomeServe and any Spanish water company. We are also preparing some other interesting agreements.

Holaluz is a supplier that we have an agreement with, and it is leading transformation of the sector, backing solar energy as the source of a sustainable and inexhaustible new energy model. They sell 100 % renewable energy and use technology to offer savings through personalised products that are matched to the client’s individual energy requirements. Holaluz is the only power company in Spain to have received the B Corp certificate, only awarded to the most secure and transparent companies providing 100 % renewable energy.

Gana Energía is an independent startup energy provider that we have an agreement with, and it offers 100 % renewable energy. It was set up in 2015 with the objective of offering the most competitive prices in the market, combined with a transparent service. They make client satisfaction and peace of mind paramount. The company currently operates in mainland Spain and, in November 2018, they also became distributors for electric vehicle charging points. Gana Energía has some of the most accessible flat rate tariffs on the market, both for industry and large companies, and SMEs and residential clients.

HomeServe is a trusted company that we have an agreement with and that specialises in global care and maintenance solutions for homes and businesses.

The contract is with HomeServe, but you have signed an agreement authorising Polaroo to enter into the contract with HomeServe on your behalf. However, you yourself have digitally agreed the bank authorisation (SEPA) and Data Protection.

One year for all repairs.

HomeServe are there to help you, to look after your home and ensure your peace of mind. As experts in household assistance, they offer the best specialists in repairs and emergencies to resolve any problem at any time. They are the leading household assistance company, with more than 15 years’ experience offering the best service carrying out repairs and mending all kinds of faults. They carried out almost 650,000 repairs last year. They can call on a network of over 2,000 professionals throughout Spain, who can attend any emergency and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At the house located at the address that appears on your contract.

The service lasts for a year, and renews automatically.

It has a waiting period of seven days from signing up.

Service contracts can be cancelled within 35 days, without any penalty, just let me know.

This period when you can’t make use of the cover is only applicable in the first year of the contract and does not apply to renewals.

By phoning +34 911 77 46 35, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For electricity: Holaluz and Gana Energía

For gas: Holaluz

For water: any water company in Spain (Aigües de Barcelona, SOREA, Canal Isabel II, etc). Unfortunately, as clients we still cannot legally switch our water supplier, as they are set by region. I don’t gain anything by it; it just enables me to help manage your household utilities.

For maintenance of electricity, gas and water: HomeServe.

For electrical and appliance repairs: HomeServe.

For a handyman: HomeServe.

For home energy generation or solar panels: Holaluz and Gana Energía.

For electric vehicle services: Holaluz and Gana Energía.

For internet provision: I am working on adding this service as soon as possible. There are some interesting solutions in the market that I can recommend and I can help you with the switch, but I still can’t manage payments or optimise the service automatically using the app.

I compare the saving that I can make with each supplier I work with. I evaluate the options they offer according to your consumption and the supply level that you have signed up to. At the moment, the suppliers that I offer are the best in the market.

Yes, without penalty. However, you must ask me to make any changes and I can switch, as long as they are suppliers I work with.

Yes and no. I can’t deal with the supplier that I don’t work with, but I can handle the other utilities. You can always finish consolidating all your utilities at a later date. You can select which utilities you want to consolidate. If you don’t want a better deal with my suppliers for one of them, it doesn’t matter, but I won't be able to manage that one. Exceptions can be made. Ask me if you have any queries.

If your utilities are signed up and consolidated with HomeServe, one of the best companies in the world in that respect, we will resolve it quickly. I am integrated with HomeServe and we work together to provide the best service and customer care.

You can phone us on the number provided to get an expert to come to your house and sort out the problem as quickly as possible.

Yes. For example, you can choose to consolidate electricity and gas, but not water or internet. You can always add them later on.

Yes, if you add the service. With Endesa, the service has always been hidden in your bills and the amount charged is very high. My prices and service are the best in the market. It is advisable that the basic service includes a check-up, but in a transparent and logical manner.

6. Privacy and Security

You just give me basic information so that I can manage the contracts and utilities in your name. Without these data, I can’t make the changes. I use the data to close your utility accounts and set up new ones, and they are legally required.

Yes. Security is one of my priorities and that is why I am constantly working to ensure that your information is protected. All companies in the European Union have to comply and ensure that consumers can access their data more easily and have more control.

The GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the strictest and most advanced legislation in the world. The GDPR aims to give citizens and residents control over their personal data within the Member States.

Yes. I use Amazon Web Services Cloud Security, some of the best security in the world. The data centre and web architecture have been designed to fulfil the requirements of the most security-sensitive and demanding companies in the world.

Yes. You only give us the information that already appears on the bill: the level of power supplied, consumption, account holder details, ID, part of the IBAN. If you do not wish to provide the bills, we can’t make the changes. This is the minimum information that we need. Any new supplier that you want to sign up with would ask you for this information.

Yes. Email me at support@polaroo.com with your account name and email address. I will contact you to start the process and ensure that all the information is removed. You will receive confirmation by email once this has been completed.

7. The industry

Until 1997, the industry was regulated and prices were set by the government. After entry to the EU in 1997, a slow and laborious process of liberalising the market began, with the European Directives of 2002 and 2009. Since then, consumers have been absolutely free to choose who they pay for the energy they consume. This is known as the deregulated market. Traditionally, 5 large companies have produced, distributed and sold energy. Now, in addition to these 5, you can pay any one of over 400 companies for your energy. It’s the same energy, but you choose the one that gives you the best price and value. You can still choose between the regulated and deregulated market: the difference is that the price is not clear in the regulated market: they change every day and you will not know the price per Kilowatt Hour (kWh). In the deregulated market, you will know exactly how much a kWh is going to cost you.

The CUPS [Código Universal del Punto de Suministro; Universal Supply Point Code] is a unique code that identifies an energy supply point (either electricity or mains gas) in Spain. It is like the tax ID number for your installation: it starts with the sequence ES, followed by 20 digits (either numbers or letters). Distribution and marketing companies, public authorities, etc. need it to identify a supply point.

There are two prices on each bill. The first is the level of power agreed for your home: depending on the size of your house, you might have an upgraded power supply, to prevent fuses from blowing when everything is running at once. The more, powerful appliances you have, the larger the power supply you need. You will pay a price for that supply. The second number is the energy used: you pay for the energy you have used, at a different price per kWh.

My Contact

Do not hesitate to write to me, I love to help

Whatsapp: +34.691.637.666

Email: info@polaroo.com

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